Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Swimming Lesson!

Nicholas and Matthew had their very first experience in a swimming pool this afternoon. We met my parents at the Crosby Wellness Center (YMCA) for the first of many, many days of lessons. (Six weeks of lessons, 5 times a week, 10 minutes each lesson). If I had to venture a guess, we were at the Y for 2 hours for 20 minutes worth of lessons. Insane.

Jamie is the name of their instructor. When he had Nicholas in the water, he pointed to him and said "176". Then pointed at Matthew and said "177". Suffice it to say that he's taught quite a few children how to survive if they fall into a body of water. We had been hoping to start the lessons back in July, but it took until last week to get their skin clear enough that the doctor would sign off on lessons! Anyway, according to Jamie, their first lesson went well.

I tend to look at the boys and see all of their similarities. When one does something, the other one does it very quickly afterwards. If one laughs, the other one does. One cries, and the other one joins in. One plays with a certain toy, a fight breaks out so they can both have it. You name it, they do it the same. Except for their swimming lesson. Nicholas (while screaming his head off) started floating pretty quickly. He crossed his feet and almost looked like he was relaxing on his back in the water. Matthew (also screaming) did no want to be on his back, but preferred trying to swim to the wall. Initially, I wondered how the instructor would tell them apart. They look the same, act the same, and wear the same swimsuit. But he knows which is which! Of course, since they like to do everything the same, even though they have different styles in the water, their goal is the same. To climb out of that pool as quickly as possible.

(Yes, I have pictures from this. I just need to get them from Pop!) :-)

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