Wednesday, November 7, 2007

First Post Placement

It's hard to believe that we've been home from Vietnam long enough that we are already starting on our first post-placement report! This morning I met with Lisa, our social worker, so we could have a chat session about the first several months of our adoption. She came around 10am, and stayed about an hour. Before arriving she had sent a three page survey with lots of basic questions: height/weight at adoption, height/weight now, dental information, attachment questions, what kind of activities we've been doing the last several months, and any concerns that we have.

When Lisa arrived, the boys were in rare form. They were laughing and giggling like nobody's business. I was so happy they were in good moods...I was a little nervous about having a stranger come over. Lisa walked in, greeted Jack (who was going bonkers!), and then immediately sat on the floor close to the boys. They gravitated towards her more quickly than I have seen them do with anyone other than family. They were crawling all over her, handing her toys, and babbling to her. She gave them the forms that I had tried so carefully to fill out, and they proceeded to chew them up, crumple them, and have a grand old time. About thirty minutes into the visit, they got tired, and went down for a nap. Even naptime was a dream on Wednesday. I took them upstairs, showed off the nursery, and then put each one in his crib. A couple of tears and whimpered came, but about 2 minutes later, both were sleeping peacefully and we were able to finish up the interview.

Lisa seemed very impressed with the boys, and that was exactly what I wanted to hear. She thinks they are doing beautifully, adjusting well, and looking great. I wish I could remember everything she was all so positive. She reminded me that these are my (our) kids, and we know what's best for them, and for our family. We (Dan and I) may have to parent our children a little differently than most of our friends, and that's okay! Wise words were spoken, and hopefully as we continue on this journey they will be words that we will continue to remember.

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