Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday once more

It's been a much better day around here today. Nicholas seems to be doing much better, and we haven't had to change 20+ diapers yet. Matthew has no symptoms as of now. Neither do I. My mom seems to be unscathed by whatever this is that Nicholas is battling.

We didn't do much around here. Nicholas wasn't allowed to swim, so only Matthew got a lesson today. He did very well, though, and I was impressed. I wondered how he would do after getting two days off. By now the boys seem to know that a lesson is coming, and Matthew greeted Jamie by crying as soon as he saw him.

It was an uneventful evening, other than some issues with the power. Dan's out of town for the week, but returns home Friday night. We leave in 9 days to go to Minnesota. Our first flight since the journey home from Vietnam. So much has changed since we made that flight home. It'll be interesting!

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