Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stay tuned

With the exception of the three hour visit to the Jewett clinic for a ten minute appointment and shot in my hand, it's been a pretty uneventful day. My mom kept the boys for me so I could sit at the walk-in clinic and get my hand looked at again. 6 months ago, the day after getting our referral, I managed to stab myself in the right index finger. A couple of weeks after the stabbing, I started having a lot of trouble with the finger. I had been to an urgent care center and had it looked at, and bandaged up, but the pain and lack of mobility was a new thing, and what I thought was a new symptom. Apparently it was something different and I was diagnosed with "Trigger Finger". I received a Cortisone shot to help alleviate some of the inflammation in the finger, and it seemed to work until a few weeks ago.

Fast forward to the slight temperature change that happened around Halloween. Ever since we got our first "chilly" night in Orlando, my finger has just ached. It's progressively gotten worse in the last three weeks, and with our upcoming trip to the great (hopefully white) north next week, I wanted to get it looked at again. The doctor poked around at my finger, which was quite painful, said he could still feel where the inflammation was in my hand, and gave me another shot of Cortisone. The consensus is that if the shot helps, and continues to help for the next several months (like the first one), then I don't need to see him again. If the pain/discomfort continues, or gets worse, I'll need to have a quick surgery on my hand. A no biggie thing...he said it takes longer for me to wash my hands and get prepped for the incision, than it takes to actually do it. Not looking forward to having yet another surgery anytime soon, so hopefully this will do the trick. :-)

Anyway...Dan, Nicholas, Matthew and I are doing something super exciting tomorrow. I can hardly stand waiting! But, you'll have to stay tuned (hence the title) to find out what we're doing. :-)

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Mountain Momma said...

I hate the suspence!!! But, my number one guess is that you are taking the kids to their first trip to Disney because that is funnest thing I can think of...I'll stay posted!