Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Day Home...

We put the boys to bed last night around 9pm. That was about an hour later than normal, and certainly later than we had planned to do, but our routine was a little out of sorts having just come off an airplane three hours before bedtime...

The boys and I are all sick, and Dan is quickly catching our cold, so my mom stayed last night to do the night shift, which allowed Dan and I to get a full night's sleep. Wouldn't you know that last night was the night Nicholas decided to sleep ALL.NIGHT.LONG, and Matthew decided that he only needed ONE.BOTTLE.??? We've been doing two bottles a night for a couple of weeks now, so I hope they keep this trend up.

I think the boys are happy to be back in their own beds. The fact that they slept so well overnight is one indication, but they took two great naps (1.5 hours in the morning, and 2.0 hours in the afternoon) today also.

Other than their great sleeping, the boys have been playing with their toys and generally just hanging around. With their colds, they can't have swimming lessons, so we had a pretty lazy day around here.

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