Thursday, January 4, 2007

All about Matthew


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

All about Nicholas


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

All about Dan


Monday, January 1, 2007

All about Shannon

There are two things you should know about Shannon.

1. She responds to many names (and there is one name she won't respond to, ever).
2. She wears many hats.

These days, Shannon responds mostly to Mommy. But she also responds to: Shannon, Shan, Hon, Wife, Hey You, The Twins Mom, Matthew's Mom, Nicholas' Mom, Anne's Daughter, Fred's Daughter and Shannie Lu (but only one person gets away with calling her that name).

You're probably curious about what name Shannon will not respond to, if called. Sharon. Shannon does not respond to Sharon. Janet, Janna, and even other butcherings of her name she will respond to, but for some reason, being called Sharon drives her bonkers.

Shannon wears many hats, and she's pretty happy with all of them. Her first hat is her Wife Hat. She likes that one a lot, and is proud to be known as Dan's Wife. The second most worn hat is the Mommy Hat. It looks pretty similar to the Mom haircut, which she also sports on her head (and quite proudly!). Her other hats include the Daughter Hat, Friend Hat, Servant Hat, Knitter Hat, Short Order Cook/Baker/Chef Hat, Party Planner Hat and 3rd VP Hat.

She does have one hat that she wears all the time, never taking it off, even when she's wearing another hat, and that's her Child of God Hat. She's most happy with that hat, because it is because she is a child of God that she is able to wear the many hats life throws at her.