Monday, May 18, 2009


Real Mothers don't eat quiche;

They don't have time to make it.

Real Mothers know that their kitchen utensils

Are probably in the sandbox.

Real Mothers often have sticky floors,

Filthy ovens and happy kids.

Real Mothers know that dried play dough

Doesn't come out of carpets.

Real Mothers don't want to know what

The vacuum just sucked up.

Real Mothers sometimes ask 'Why me?'

And get their answer when a little
Voice says, 'Because I love you best.'

Real Mothers know that a child's growth

Is not measured by height or years or grade...

It is marked by the progression of Mommy to Mom to Mother...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who's Who Revealed!

Thanks to all who played the guessing game from our Easter picture below! Some of you were right and some of you were wrong. :-) So...who's who?

Nicholas - Left, Matthew - Right

So, were you right or wrong?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Multiples and More - Giveaway

A couple of the girls from my twins club have started a networking group/blog called Multiples and More. It's pretty fun read and they are always doing fun things like reviews of products and giveaways. And who doesn't like a giveaway? I've seen several giveaways that would have been super fun to win, but this one is by far my favorite! You can check out their giveaway for a new Bondi Band here.

A Bondi Band looks like a pretty versatile headband that you can wear different ways. I'd love to get my hands on one and check it out. These days I spend most of my time trying to keep my hair out of my face and eyes, and with summer coming and getting back into a regular gym routine, the quickest, easiest way to keep my hair back the better!

Here's to hoping I win the giveaway. But even if I don't, I think I'll buy myself a couple of these!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Easter 2009

Last year at Easter I took the boys to The Picture People and had their very first professional photo session. We got some pretty decent pictures out of the session, and even bought some of them. The one below is what I considered to be our "Easter Photo".

Matthew - Left, Nicholas - Right

I had every intention of taking them back to The Picture People, maybe even recreating the shot above, and getting an Easter Photo for 2009. Yeah, that did not happen. Dan and I have both gotten very involved in our church especially over the last year. I found myself spending a lot of time working on various tasks for our church's Easter service/outreach event, and I just couldn't seem to make the time to get it done. Between Dan's travel schedule, meetings at church, shopping for the Easter service, and volunteering at the food bank, I was happy just getting to take the boys to the park! I had no interest in carving out space in our very tight schedule to drive across town for photos.

Thankfully my dad was able to get a few shots of the boys in their Easter outfits, and he even got them on Easter Sunday. Here are just a few of the pictures of our sweet boys.



Not back to back, but side by side. And smiling to boot! There's
not much more that you can ask from two year olds!
Can you guess which one is which? I'll tell you another day! :-)

Happy Easter 2009. Yes, a bit late, but I don't mind. I'm getting used to being late.

Tips for Mom's and Dad's

I read an article on one of the Orlando Sentinel blogs today, Moms at Work, that I found quite interesting. I wanted to take a moment and share it with anyone who reads our family blog.

Dr. Laura's top five things to make you a successful stay-at-home-mom (SAHM):

1. Work with husband to create a team spirit that doesn't pit you against each other.
2. Get support from like-minded women, and stay away from those who would try to diminish your choice to stay home.
3. Don't focus on chores, errands, etc. Allow fluidity in the day to enjoy your children and other aspects of your home life.
4. Even on the most annoying day, count your blessings. Think of the joys and pleasures of that day, and resist complaining to your husband when he comes home.
5. Be sure to tell your husband everyday that you appreciate his hard work to support your family.

Dr. Laura gave some tips to Dads so they can be supportive of their wives:

1. Work hard for your family, without fishing for compliments or complaining.
2. Find something to compliment your wife on every night, even if you are tired from the day. Don't complain over small things like dishes in the sink -- nothing is more important than the love your wife is giving to you and your children by being at home.
3. Treat your wife as "your woman," not just the mother of your children. Rub her feet, cuddle with her.. and yes, find time for sex.
4. Take every public opportunity to brag about your wife and kids. Show her how proud you are of her efforts at home.
5. Give her a break from being a SAHM. Make sure she gets "girl time" and "alone time." Just like you need to recharge from work, she needs a break from her role as full-time homemaker.

I'm still digesting the tips, so I am going to refrain from writing any more tonight. But I will share my thoughts on them in the next couple of days. What do YOU think about what Dr. Laura has to say?

Edited to add: This, in no way, is an endorsement of Dr. Laura. Just so we're clear. :-)