Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last May I joined the local twins club chapter, better known as GOMOTT (Greater Orlando Mother's of Twins & Triplets). It's a pretty large organization, and if I'm not mistaken, we're the largest club in the state. We're part of a bigger organization, FOMOTC (Florida Organization of Mother's of Twins Club) and our parent group is the NOMOTC (National Organization of Mother's of Twins Club). Phew! That's a lot of letters and a lot of acronyms. :-) Now that all of that is in the way, I'll tell you a little bit about GOMOTT and what all of this means to our family...

Over the last 17 months I have become heavily involved in the club. It started off slowly, just attending the once monthly general meeting, and progressing to clubwide playdates and "Class of 2012-2013" playdates (the year the boys will start Kindergarten!), and eventually working up to joining with women for Mom's Night Out. I started meeting and connecting with some of the other mom's in the group, which has been such a saving grace for this mom of twins! I have many friends with children, and I love spending time with them, but there is something about the camaraderie that comes from another mother of multiples that you can't find with a mom of singletons (even if she has more than one singleton).

This past May I talked to a couple of people on the board about becoming more directly involved with the club, and found myself nominated for the position of 3rd VP. Dan and I talked it over, and came to the decision that I would take the job, if voted in, but only if I dropped something else from my plate. At that point I started attending our monthly board meetings, and found them to be at least as much fun as our general meetings. We have a lot of fun together, but still manage to get great things accomplished during our monthly gatherings. When I was told that this would be the case (by someone who was almost begging me to take the job) I thought she was lying to me, but really, she wasn't. :-)

In July I was officially voted in to my position and took over in August. Essentially my job entails four things: 1) taking care of membership, 2) keeping a database of all members, their spouses & children, along with other pertinent information, 3) putting together a directory for each member, and 4) working on the meetup.com site. It's quite a bit of work, but I love all of it! Of every job on the board, this is the one I am best suited to do. I have the computer skills and the writing skills to tackle 1, 2, & 4 and hopefully I will learn the skills to do number 3 before November!

The new job and its responsibilities means an extra night away from home each month and a little bet less "free time" during nap time or the evenings, but I know it helps make GOMOTT a better club, one filled with great mom's and awesome kids for my children to befriend.