Sunday, November 25, 2007

Open House

Dan's parents had an Open House party for the boys today. While the circumstances of the day could have been a little better (for example, the boys could have chosen to not start a massive round of teething and catch a cold at the same time), I think everyone had a good time.

I'm not sure how many people came this afternoon, but we got to see and/or meet lots of family that we hadn't spent any time with in the last several years. We were showered with many gifts...lots of stuffed animals and books, along with a sprinkling of clothes. Everyone was so generous, and all loved seeing Matthew and Nicholas. Robin, who catered the party, did a great job with the food, and even let me in on a little recipe of hers. Costco did a great job with the cake, as usual.

I really felt like the boys did great at the party, particularly since they were battling the beginnings of colds, some awful teething, and a serious lack of good quality sleepy by this point. Dan and I headed downstairs with them a few times, just to get away from the crowds and noise, when it all became too much for them. It was quite a sanctuary to go down to the basement, and the boys seemed very at ease down there. Several of the party guests visited us down there, and Matthew even reached out to a few people to be held! Lots of kisses were blown this afternoon, and lots of waves "bye-bye" were given.

Yes there are pictures...and I might even post some. Later.

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Shana said...

Love the Costco cakes, as you know! So nice that Dan's family go together to greet the boys! -Shana