Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Packing to go home...

We spent part of the evening packing our bags to go home. When we packed to go to Minnesota, we really could have fit everything into two suitcases. However, we decided to go ahead and pack three, which would leave us a little bit of room to bring home anything we bought at the Mall of America and also bring home the best ribs/bratwurst you'll ever eat. It was a good idea to bring that extra suitcase!

All told, after packing our bags full to overflowing, we still left two boxes of stuff for Dan's parents to ship home. Oh, and we also left laundry.

Let's just say that even though I really thought we had packed light for this trip, we really didn't. Everyone came home with clothes they didn't wear. Next time we'll have to remember that we don't need as much stuff, especially since we had to do laundry twice while we were there!

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