Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hot Date, day two!

Dan and I were given Season Passes to Disney for our anniversary this year. It was totally unexpected, and totally awesome. Today was our first chance to get out to the theme parks, and we chose EPCOT because of the Food and Wine Festival. We have loved going to this in years past, and this year was no exception. The event has gotten so big over the years, and it seems like there were double the tents than years past.

One of the things that was really fun about going out there today was that we had the privilege to meet up with our new friends Anne & Jason from our church and hang out with them for the afternoon and evening. We walked, talked, and ate our way around the World Showcase. It was a pretty laid back day, stopping only at a couple of countries to ride the rides.

I think the coolest thing we did was at The Living Seas. Our friend Cathy works there as one of the dolphin trainers, and because God really loved us today, she happened to be out on the observation deck doing the demonstration. When she was finished, we went to chat with her for a few minutes, and after she finished her duties, she was able to take us "backstage" for what she called the two cent tour. It was so neat to see a different perspective of the animal tanks, and it was also fun to share it with friends. :-)

The boys hung out at home with my parents. It was nice to spend a little time as just the two of us, and very nice to be able to have complete conversations with other adults. I am, however, looking forward to our first trip to Disney. They are SO getting the buttons at the park that say "My first trip to Disney". It's going to be a great year at Disney!

Yes, there's a picture to share, but you'll have to check back for it tomorrow.


annem said...

You are welcome. Love, mom xoxox xoxox xoxox xoxox

Alich Family said...

Sounds like you too had a great anniversary suprise!!! Glad you enjoyed your date.... Can't wait to see family pictures of you guys out at Disney....

Have Fun!!