Thursday, November 22, 2007

Love Thursday-Our First Thanksgiving

It's been a little crazy today. While I could spend a lot of time writing about the chaos of the plane rides/airports/carseats/rental cars, I won't.

Love is landing in Minnesota and seeing it snow! SNOW! It will likely be the only snow we see this trip, I still love the idea that it snowed today.

Love is the car rental place giving us a free car seat for the week, after one of the ones we borrowed didn't work in our car.

Love is walking into a house full of family and being greeted so warmly, that I was just in awe.

Love is watching M&N's G.G meet her great grandchildren for the first time. It's also watching them meet their Great Aunt's and Uncles and cousins as well.

Love (for Matthew and Nicholas) is a first meal of "real food". Shredded turkey and chunks of sweet potatoes prepared just for them.

Love (for Shannon) is Gini's stuffing, Grandma Henrich's Brandied Cranberries, and George's Pork Pie.

Love (for Dan) is his new camera lens, which allows him to capture all of these memories.

Love is celebrating our first Thanksgiving as a family of four, with the Henrich family.

And love is talking to my parents on Thanksgiving Day.

We are so blessed, and so thankful. Happy Thanksgiving to you...

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