Monday, November 26, 2007

Low-Key Day

After the craziness surrounding the last few days here in Minnesota, today was a welcome relief. Nevermind that three of the four of us are sick, and need the break in our schedule...

We spent the day playing in the ball pit that Grandpa set up in the basement. The boys got to watch a video with Grandma. Dan and I each had an opportunity to nap. I even had the chance to get a full night's sleep, since Dan took night duty since we're all sick.

After the boys went to bed, we finally got to see Ocean's 13. It was one of the few movies Dan had really wanted to catch in the theaters this year. However, it was released to theaters just a week or so before we flew to Vietnam, so we didn't get to go. We spent a lazy evening having soup and scones, and watching a movie by the fire with Dan's parents. Not a bad way to spend a cold night, with a cold.

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