Sunday, November 4, 2007


Just a quick post tonight. Dan is leaving for Iowa/Illinois tomorrow and he's busy packing right now. Once he's finished I'm going to bed. It'll be a long (and early) day tomorrow. I'm dropping the boys off to spend the day with my parents so I can go over to the Dullmeyer household to babysit their kids. Laurie's been in the hospital with unexplained stuff for a week, and the family just needs some helping hands, so I'm going. I'll get to play with Josiah (their 15 month old son) and Jesse (their 10 month old "China baby") for the day.

The big news for tomorrow is that the boys start swimming lessons. More accurately, they begin Safe Start, which is a drowning prevention program. This program takes serious committment. It's 5 days a week, 10 minutes per lesson, for six weeks. We had hoped to start it back in July, but with the issues of eczema, particularly with Nicholas, our doctor didn't want us to start until now. I got the go-ahead last week at our 9 month check up, and I "on my honor" promised that if any skin issues popped up, we would immediately halt lessons until it cleared up.

That's the highlights from our household. Since the title of this is Halloween, it's only appropriate to touch on our Halloween. Or at least share a picture from it.
Four Peas in a Pod

PS. Go to our Gallery to see more pictures from Halloween, and other adventures!


Alich Family said...

How Precious!!

anne said...

We had a great time too! Let's go again soon. I'm craving some more big soft pretzels...