Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday night, MacDonald style

I really should make Dan write the entry for today, but since I'm the one who signed up for NaBloPoMo, I guess I'll do it. Before I write about the exciting things we do around our house on a Friday evening, I'll just mention that Dan got to experience swimming lessons firsthand today. The instructor seemed to be pretty impressed with the progress both boys are making. Matthew, if left to do so, will not only turn to the wall and try to swim to the wall if it's out of reach, but will also scale the wall in an effort to get out of the pool! Nicholas would probably do the same, but he was too busy floating on his back, unassisted, for 14 seconds today. Jamie (the instructor) was very pleased! Also, when Nicholas finished his last sequence, he did manage to climb out of the pool, onto the towel covered mat, and proceed to lay there wrapped in a towel for a good five minutes. He was very sweet. (And the funny from today is that Jamie kept telling Nicholas not to drink all the water in the pool. Nicholas obliged and proceeded to throw up all the water he had swallowed, right back into the pool. :-)) on to this evening. Dan, Jack, the boys and I all took a walk together. No stroller necessary either, since they're walking like champs! We walked only to the end of the block and back, but it took a good 20 minutes to make the journey. After we returned to our driveway, both boys sat down and began playing/trying to eat/trying to throw every acorn, "hat", and stick they could pick up. We had a good time though.

Dan and I settled in for an evening of TV. With his travel schedule such that it is, some of the shows that we watch together end up getting saved for nights like tonight. We popped a bowl of popcorn, had some fresh baked cookies (thanks to Pilsbury), and watched three shows. Dan kept joking about our "hot date" since we had hot popcorn and hot cookies. He's crazy!

We have a busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow is the Alternative Market at my parent's church, Jack Hannah is at Sea World this weekend, we'd like to get out to Disney at some point, and we have some plans for Sunday after church as well. Dan leaves on Monday for another trip, so we're trying to pack lots of time together as a family in before he heads out.

All is quiet in our home, so I'm heading to bed.

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