Thursday, November 13, 2008

Love Thursday - Hug!

Matthew and Nicholas are so fun. They've been giving Dan and me hugs for months now, but lately the hugs have been more intense. Now, instead of coming up and receiving a hug from someone, they will throw their arms wide open and ask (beg!) for a hug. When you pick one of them up for a hug, he will wrap his little arms as far around you as he can get them and give you a bear hug. It's one of the best feelings!

In the picture below, I asked them to give one another a hug. I recognize that it looks like Nicholas might not be participating in this hugfest willingly, but trust me when I tell you that he was very excited to be hugging his brother. They just recently started saying "Cheese" when a camera is pointed in their direction. Nicholas' face is a result of him saying cheese. On my honor, I promise.

Love is witnessing the relationship brothers share. If we could all be so lucky to have a relationship like this...

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