Sunday, November 23, 2008

Giving Up

As I suspected, November has turned out to be a very busy month! With guests in from out of town twice, a trip to Ft. Lauderdale, three baby showers to attend, Dan traveling, all coupled with being super busy working on GOMOTT stuff and taking on a leadership role at church with our Christmas Eve service, something has had to take a back seat.

Yes, it's been a busy month, and we still have another week of it! This has been a good month though, even with all of its craziness. We've managed to get out to Disney three or four times, spend lots of time with the boys, get some time for just the two of us, and spend a lot of time with family.

On another note, it appears that Matthew has caught the Grace Fellowship Plague of 2008. Something has been going around for weeks at church, and it's finally affected our house. Dan's been sick for a week, Nicholas and I had a couple of days of not feeling well, but Matthew seems to be doing the worst (or at least he sounds the worst!). So we'll take a trip to the doctor tomorrow morning and see what he says.

That's all the news from around the MacDonald home. I'll catch up with you again soon. :-)

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Lisa said...

Hi Shannon, Just ran across your blog and love it! Hope your little guys feel better soon. We've have a time with sicknesses around our house this season, too.- Lisa