Sunday, November 16, 2008

Drama on the Internet!

The Internet was all aflutter this evening when the website BabyCheapskate put out the 411 on getting Britax Marathon car seats for $42.99, instead of the regularly price of $279.99. We didn't really need any more carseats, but I made sure to send the link to Anne, whose son will outgrow his baby carrier soon enough. Then Dan and I talked about it and we ordered them as well, so we'd have them on hand for his car and for the occasional plane trips that we hope to take over the next several years.

Not long after I saw the posting, news of this deal spread like wildfire. I received e-mails and Twitter's left and right for a good three hours about the great price on the car seats. I read details of it in blog after blog. It was a Britax invasion!

But just now the invasion has come to a halt. Something happened on the website, and the car seats are no longer available. (Oh, the humanity!) You should read the rumors going around now. There's talk of Target not honoring the purchases that people made. Discussions are happening about how this price was an error! I don't know what happened, but when I clicked the link to see for myself, just said they were sold out.

We'll see what happens with our order. I hope they honor our purchase, and the purchases that all the other people made on their site. But it is Target, so who knows. But for now, the story has made an otherwise mundane Sunday evening quite interesting. I'll let you know the outcome when our order arrives, sometime between 12/16/08-1/6/09, which is what my receipt lists. :-)


Unknown said...

The friend that alerted me to the deal called Target herself afterwards, and was told that they hadn't yet decided whether or not they were going to honor that price for the orders that had been placed. Email should be going out in the next few days with the decision.

Here's hoping, either way. :)

Lorie said...

if i had known about it i would have ordered one too. it'll look really bad on target if they don't honor those purchased.

anne girl said...

Oy. You don't mess with mamas, and that's exactly what Target will do if they go back on this.

Glad I ordered before the mistake was discovered... ;-)