Thursday, June 5, 2008

Things I Will Miss...

1. Jan and Todd being so close. I hope that even after we move that we'll see them for Survivor and/or Amazing Race nights. Even if we have to get a sitter from time to time.

2. Laura and Chris being right down the street. Although I have never felt the need to call on them late at night because of a strange noise, it has always been comforting to know they were close. I will also miss stalking Laura on a daily basis as I drive past their house.

3. Our neighbors. It's taken us almost seven years to get to know them, and even though we really only talk to Brad and Lori, we've lived on a great street with good people.

4. 417 being so close, and the convenience it has given us.

5. My swimming pool. It has sat mostly unused for the entire time we've lived here, and now we have children who want to be in it all the time. I will definitely miss walking out the back door and getting in the pool.

6. My kitchen/dining room. It's been a year since we remodeled those two rooms. Although I know we'll be doing some minor things in the kitchen at our new house, I will still miss this kitchen.

7. The nursery. It seems so crazy that we've been home with the boys for almost a year, and I am sad to know that the first room that they are able to call "home" won't be their room for much longer. I made Dan promise me that I could recreate the nursery in whatever home we bought back when we were house hunting. Now that it's a reality and we're really moving away from here, I don't know that I will do their room the same. I can't keep them babies forever, and I want to make do their room in such a way that they can grow up in it a little. But I will be sad to leave that peaceful, dragonfly filled room behind.

8. The memories. All of them, good and bad. We've had countless parties here, and shared many good times with friends and family. We welcomed a dog into this house, celebrated and mourned pregnancies and losses, started and completed an adoption, held Bible studies, had birthday parties, TV nights, game nights, and the list goes on and on.

Yes, these are the things I will miss. I'm sure there are more things to add, but for now, this will serve as a starting point.

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anne girl said...

I was very wistful too, leaving that apartment to move to our house. Still miss certain things, but the new place is quickly feeling more like "home"... and I'm sure your new house will do the same soon, too :-)