Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Last week, as we were doing the final walk through on our new house before closing, I had the forethought to go through each room and take lots of pictures. I did that when we bought the house on Cullowhee Ct seven years ago, and boy did those pictures come in handy when we were doing our adoption. But I took pictures of the new house for a purpose.

It's our plan to stay in this house for the long haul. We bought in an area that is known for great schools. It's close to all of the places I go to with the boys (church, playgroup, storytime, etc.), and best of all it's close to our babysitters, I mean my parents. Knowing that we plan to stay for a long time, we have some big dreams for this house. Dreams of adding on and maybe even up one day. Plans to put in an atrium and formal garden.

Back to the pictures I took...I like to refer to them as "Before" shots of the house. Our new place is pretty much a clean slate. White walls that have been primed. White trim. Beige carpet and white tile. You might call it boring. I like to think of it as having lots of potential! (If only we have the money to use all that potential.) As of this evening our first project in the new house has been chosen. We're going to tackle the kitchen. No, we're not talking about replacing cabinets and appliances, although I would love to do that. But we'll be changing the wall covering/color. We're (and when I say we're I mean my dad) going to strip the painted over wallpaper in the kitchen and repaint. It'll be a first step, and a pretty small one in the grand scheme of things, but I'm excited about it. It seems like anymore these days I spend my life in the kitchen, so I'm looking forward to making the one as pretty as the one at Cullowhee.

Big dreams people. Big dreams. Now, if only I could find my camera...I'd share a before picture or two. Maybe tomorrow.

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