Monday, June 2, 2008

A first.

For the first time ever the boys and I jumped in the car this morning and took Dan to the airport, a trip he would normally make alone when leaving town for business for the week. Mostly this was for practical reasons. My car simply isn't conducive to doing any kind of hauling of stuff to the new house. I can't really even fit a broom in the car because of the two car seats in the back. We figured that if all of us took Dan to the airport, I'd be left with his car to use when/if I get to work on the house while he's out of town.

The boys and I didn't go to the new house today, and based on how much they loved being there yesterday I'd have to say that were probably a little bit bummed about it. We did take advantage of the pool in our backyard at Cullowhee Ct. though, with a little help from my mom. By the end of our vacation last week, the boys absolutely loved the water and loved swimming and jumping in the pool. A combination of familiarity, feeling better (we started the week off with a cold), and some confidence made for a great time in the pool at our condo. Today I took the boys in one at a time, and we worked a little bit on swimming and floating, thanks to the lessons taught by Mr. Jayme back in November and Miss Alisha in May. Both Matthew and Nicholas love jumping in the water, so we spent a lot of time doing that today as well. I think I might be a little sad when we finally sell this house and move away from the pool.

That's it for today. Tomorrow my dad is going to pressure wash the porch, both screen and floor, and clean out the garage. We are so blessed to have my parents so close by, and so willing to help!

Oh, and no pictures today. Maybe tomorrow!

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