Monday, June 9, 2008

Pretend this is June 7, 2008

I'm so bummed! I've been thinking all this time that it was June 9, 2007 that we got the phone call that we could travel to meet, adopt and bring home Matthew and Nicholas. I guess in the midst of all this talk of "Home" for the month, I completely missed the anniversary of that day! You can read about it that day here. What a crazy day. Dan, who usually works from home, was in Melbourne meeting with Sean (actually, I think their meeting took place on the golf course!). He couldn't be reached. My parents were in Canada and had bad reception and they couldn't be reached. Dan's parents weren't at home, at work, or answering either cell phone. So the first person to learn that we were traveling to get the boys was Kim Andrescik, and until recently she isn't someone I spoke to very often! Eventually Dan called back, my parents got enough service to call, and Dan's parents called. But it was pretty hectic, trying to get flights worked out on 8 days notice.

What does this day have to do with home? Nothing, unless you count the fact that it was this day last year that our adoption became a reality. That we weren't "playing house" by decorating a nursery, buying car seats and cribs, washing clothes, etc. We were really doing this. Becoming a Mom & Dad. That day changed our home forever. That day is the day that we really embraced the idea that we would bring children into this home. And that is a good thing.

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