Saturday, June 14, 2008


We made our first trip to Lowe's as a family to buy things for the new house. Most notably, I was able to pick out my own cabinets for my awesome new laundry room. (Now, please note that I currently have an awesome laundry room. This one is just awesome because it's in my new house!) That was super fun!

We also got lots of boring stuff...primer, outlet covers and new outlets, light switches, a doorbell, drywall mud. But the other cool thing we bought was some new lighting. We don't know if we'll use them yet, since they're recessed lights, but we couldn't beat the price. They were on clearance, and the guy working the lighting section, Joshua, said that if we wanted them he'd sell them to us for $2.00 each. So $16 later and we had lots of new lights. Now we just need a place to put them! :-)

It's too bad we weren't in the market for a new wall sconces, because Joshua had a particularly special sconce that he was willing to part with for only a nickel.

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