Saturday, January 5, 2008

Two of our favorite things

The boys absolutely love the two blankets they are sitting on in this picture. A wonderful person and friend, Debbi, made these blankets for Matthew and Nicholas months ago, and we finally connected just a few weeks ago. They are so warm and cozy that I find myself curled up on the couch using one at night. Without fail, if I pull the blankets out and put them on the floor, the boys immediately stop whatever they are doing, and pounce on them. Much laughter ensues as the boys roll around on them, crawl underneath them, and try to hide with them. These are truly a great gift, and we are so thankful! Debbi, the boys thank you every single day! :-)


Mountain Momma said...

Yea!! Lots of pictures!! Too precious!! I just love your fine little men.. they are too cute!!

The St. John family said...

Wow. I haven't checked your blog since the end of December. I see I've missed a lot! Cute pics!! The picture of Nicholas in the swing is so adorable! And yes, it looks like they have both grown so much in the past seven months. Cute! Cute! Cute!!!

A picture everyday of the year??? I was excited to read that... of course, then I noticed that your last post was on the 5th. hee hee! You made it father than I would have. :) Don't give up... we love seeing all the pics!

Happy New Year!