Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yes, I know it's been a while.

No, I don't really have any excuses. Well, not good ones anyway.

I could give the excuse Dan's parents were in town for just about a week to celebrate the boys' birthdays. But that's not a good one, since their being in town gave me plenty of time to do nothing while they played with babies.

I could give the excuse that I was sick, Nicholas and Matthew were sick, and my parents were sick, and that's why there have been no pictures or updates. But that was over two weeks ago, so it seems like a weak excuse at this point.

I could give the excuse that we had a lot of birthday celebrations in our house over the last week and a half. First Nicholas and Matthew. Then me. Finally Dan. And while having to celebrate four birthdays in seven days is a lot of partying (not to mention Red Velvet Cake), it's really not much of an excuse.

I could give the excuse that this month has been a little crazy for me working on Small Group stuff with Jason from Grace. (Also, I think next month will be a little crazy, seeing as how the church is launching the round of Small Groups on Sunday.) It did take up quite a bit of my "free time" - that time I have when both boys are sleeping in the mornings - so I could input about 100 people who wanted to take part in New Year, New You at church. But seriously...if I had time to do that, I certainly should have had time to post a picture everyday, right?

I could give the excuse that Dan and I are doing a lot of house hunting lately. Thanks so much to my parents for watching babies on a moment's notice every time we have found a new house to look at. Yes, we're looking, and yes we're serious about the hunt. Stay tuned to see what happens. Anyway, is house hunting really an excuse? I mean, after all, I'm sitting on the computer every night looking up new places to live. Surely I could post a picture.

I could give the excuse that Dan has still not had the chance to download ANY of the pictures he's taken since we arrived home from New York. Personally, this is my favorite excuse, and the most plausible reason that there haven't been many pictures this month.

I'm sure I could give plenty of other excuses as well.

Anyway, that said, I'm TRYING to get pictures that are accurate and relevent to this time in the boys lives. I could easily go back to some old pictures, but I don't want to do that...

Oh, man! I just remembered that I totally forgot the camera this morning. I should have taken it with me to document my solo journey to the polls to vote. Yes, I went with two boys in tow. No, I didn't have help. Was it a little crazy? Well, let's just say that it took longer to get the stroller out of the car, set up, and loaded with kids and then unloaded of kids, taken down, and put back in the car than it took for me to drive to and from the polling place AND vote. The sacrifices one makes to make freedom count. :-)

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