Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January 12-18, 2008

Long awaited photos.
January 12, 2008 - The last day we had ANYTHING (save the lamp) on either the end table next to the couch, or the sewing machine behind the love seat. Our boys love to climb. We have tried everything to keep them off the furniture, including setting lots of pillows on top of the cushions to make it too tall for little legs, and nothing has worked. After having yet another lightbulb broken, and another remote/phone go missing, Mom & Dad finally learned that everything needs to be placed at adult level.

January 13, 2008 - A muscial genius in the making? Quite possible, thanks to Grandmommie and Grandpoppie and their gift of a xylophone for Christmas. (Not pictured are other musical instruments, like a drum, guitar and piano.)

January 14, 2008 - This is how breakfast, lunch and dinner get made around our house. Boy do they love this cabinet. Please note that any of the plasticware in this cabinet that gets used for food storage must be washed prior to use because they love, love, love to chew on it, sit in it, stand on it, etc.

January 15, 2008 - For Christmas Dan, Nicholas & Matthew gave me the gift of a "Baby Sign" class at Gymboree. We thought it began today at the Winter Park Gymboree. We were a little surprised when we showed up at 12:55, per our instructions, to find out that the class wasn't starting yet. (We do have a start date of 2/5/08 now.) It was "Open Gym" day, so the employees invited us to stay and play. We had a blast. The pictures we have from that day can't even begin to convey how happy the boys were at Gymboree this day. Pictured above is Nicholas.

January 16, 2008 - I'm cheating today, because I wanted to show how happy each boy was at Gymboree. This is Matthew on an elevated platform just crawling along. He had a blast!January 17, 2008 - Can you say, "Busted"? Oh yes. This is just a glimpse into what Jack repeatedly got into trouble for doing the last week. We may have dog hair on our floors, but Jack is explicitly NOT allowed on the furniture. I think that Thing One and Thing Two have been teaching Jack their bad habits. After being yelled at multiple times over three days, Jack learned his lesson and hasn't be seen sitting on any furniture. (Oh. Yes, the ottoman sits in front of the entertainment center to protect the glass and the boys from one another.) Too bad the kids aren't as easily trained as the dog.

January 18, 2008 -Day one of our cloth diapering adventure. The world of cloth has changed so much since our own childhoods. Other than having to do a small load of laundry every other day, using cloth is as easy as using disposables. It's also cheaper and better for the environment. An added bonus to cloth diapering is that the boys finally fit into shorts made for a baby bigger than three months. Seriously.


Mountain Momma said...

I absolutely love all the new pictures. Thanks for the update!

anne girl said...

Those cloth diapers look awesome! And I love all the pictures - the "plastic" cabinet is a gold mine :-)

Shana said...

You will have to tell me how the cloth diapers are coming along after you have used them awhile. Good luck to you!