Friday, January 18, 2008

365 + 1

Yes, I know there are no new pictures. No, I probably won't post any tonight. Yes, I know I suck at this game! Yes, I'm taking pictures every day.

Maybe this weekend I will post pictures for the week. I think a better goal for me is to have one post each week with a picture from every day of said week. That way if I have something of content to post about, it won't get lost in the pictures.

That said, we're having a birthday tomorrow! Well, two birthdays actually. :-) I can't believe Nicholas and Matthew turn one. How time flies!

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Mountain Momma said...

You are doing better than me!! Our internet has been out for awhile now. But, we found a free internet so we have a slow dial up for a few more days. My page times out after and I have to refresh it a couple times just to see it... It is very slow!! So, maybe at the end of the week I will catch up on the blog thing...

Tell the boys "Happy Birthday"!! and give them some kisses for me!! I can't believe they are one already!!