Friday, June 6, 2008


Dan, the boys and I are going to Bradenton tomorrow for a picnic with our adoption agency, FHSA. It's an annual event with the agency, and this year it's especially exciting because there will be delegates from Ho Chi Minh City in attendance. We're hopeful that An Na, our in-country facilitator, and Bonnie, our stateside coordinator will be at the picnic. An Na lives in Vietnam and Bonnie lives in New Jersey, so it will be really neat to see them if they can make it!

So what does this picnic have to do with home? Well, if not for FHSA, we might still be in the process of adopting instead of home for almost a year. If not for Bonnie, our paperwork might not have been completed so quickly. And if not for An Na, who gave us our referral, we might not have the most amazing boys to ever come out of Vietnam. So to tie this post into the theme of home, it's because of Nicholas and Matthew that we purchased a new home. While we're not moving into a bigger house, or one with more bedrooms, we are moving into a home and an area that we hope to stay in throughout their education. It's in a part of town that the boys and I spend most of our time, between playgroups, visiting grandparents, storytime, splash parks, etc.
I'm excited about the picnic. It will be fun to meet other families who have adopted like we have. It will also be fun to introduce Dan to a splash park since he's never been to one. It'll be super fun to see An Na and Bonnie, if they're there. And it will be great to connect with HCMC officials, in hopes of fostering good relationships with them so other families will be able to adopt in Vietnam.

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