Thursday, June 12, 2008

A quick break...

This entry allows me to take a quick break from a month of talking about Home. Below is a picture, taken last Saturday, at the annual FHSA picnic, which brings together families from all over who have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, with their agency. What was neat about this year's picnic (other than being the hit of the day because we had twins!!!) is that a delegation of Vietnamese officials from Ho Chi Minh City attended as well. The people were enthralled with the boys, and kept coming around and standing or sitting with them to have their pictures taken. They wanted to hold the boys, and thankfully Matthew obliged quite willingly. In the picture below, I'm holding Nicholas and one of the delegates that we met back in November when they were visiting is holding Matthew.

We were also thrilled to see An Na at the picnic. She was our in-country facilitator and I absolutely love her. I want to take her home with me and keep her forever, because she is so wonderful. She has such a heart for children, and seems to be so in love with the boys. Last June when we met An Na, she had not been working for FHSA very long, and had never been to the United States. When we left, the only reason I was sad to come home was because I thought we'd never see her again. Who knew that she would be chosen to be the interpreter for the delegates on two separate trips to the US this year!? We're so blessed to know An Na, for she is the reason we were referred Matthew and Nicholas. We're so thankful that we have been able to see her again and again. We hope she comes back again soon!

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