Friday, June 13, 2008

Home away from home...

Our family takes an annual vacation about an hour away in Satellite Beach, FL. For years my parents have rented the same condo, and the four of us share the space. The Woska family participates in the annual beach trip, and it's such fun!

Last year we had just returned home from Vietnam, and while we went to the beach 3-4 times the week everyone was there, we didn't sleep there. This year, however, we had our own condo (thanks to my parents!) and we stayed the entire week. It was wonderful to get away from Orlando for a few days, and the responsibilities that come with our day to day lives. Although Dan did work two days we were there, and we did drive back to Orlando one day to buy a new house, we had a great vacation.

I was a little concerned as to how the boys would handle the beach for a week. I dreaded both nap and bed times, but they were champs. They took great naps and went down each evening with no fuss. The trip went so well, that I even convinced Dan that we should go to Minnesota later this summer!

But anyway, back to the point. Below is a picture of the boys in their "home away from home". The beach trip this summer marked their third visit to condo 332 in less than a year! We're hoping to join my parents again late this summer when they travel for their anniversary. :-)

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