Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome "Home" Zachary

Well, they finally got all the right people to talk to each other and Zachary has been moved into the room. PTL! He spent about four hours here and we had our first real shot at bonding and being parents for him without all the inhibitions of the NICU. He just left for that night (a little after 1AM) since he needs two medications and two lab tests over the next couple hours; we decided it was just better for all if we sent him back and got a few hours sleep rather than getting interrupted constantly. He will be back for his 6AM feeding.

I'm continuing to post new pictures at least daily. See the previous post for the link to the album, which will automatically show new pictures at the top.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. I know there are a bunch of you that want to visit, and we have to carefully manage it tho for both Zachary and Shannon's sake. So if you want to come, please call first to see how things are going. (Also, if you have kids under 12, they will not be allowed past the waiting room - hospital rules.)

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