Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome Zachary!

Please join us in welcoming to the world Zachary David MacDonald!

What everyone really wants to see (first pictures) are available at

Please continue to pray for us, as Zachary was admitted to the NICU this evening with respiratory distress, likely due to fluid in the lungs that was not cleared at birth. If so, this is not uncommon with C-Section deliveries and should clear up in a day or so with close monitoring. As a precaution they are also running panels for various infections and lung underdevelopment, however. In any case, we are told it shouldn't be a big deal, other than the fact that he isn't staying with us, but please pray for a speedy resolution and our mental state since this pregnancy has been a long road that never seems to end.



Jayme said...

He's amazing! I'll keep him in my thoughts- Hurry up and get to your mommy, Zachary!

Andy Boal said...

I am so delighted that after so long, God has blessed you with your own son. I'll be praying for him and both of you that he'll be home with you and the twins soon.

Jamie said...

So Beautiful...God has given you a perfect child created in the image of Him!! Amazing!

Melissa said...

He's so adorable! Congratulations! My nephew had the same problem when he was born and had to be under the oxygen hood for a little over 24 hours but is healthy as can be now! I know the same will be true for your little guy:) Hope you're feeling alright and that you're able to get a little rest before heading home.

Maggie said...

He's Beautiful! we will continue to pray for this little man and his parents.