Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oreo Truffles

Probably over a year ago, my dear friend Anne introduced me to this really cool website, Bakerella. I follow Bakerella pretty religiously, and the woman is always posting really cute sweet treats she's made. Personally, I think Bakerella has too much time on her hands, considering the tedious treats she creates, but I still love reading her blog.

In January Bakerella took a recipe from the Kraft Food & Family magazine and modified it slightly and created what looked to be these yummy Oreo Truffles. I bookmarked the site, promising myself that I would make them one day soon. 11 months later the promise came true! I made these today while the boys were napping. Start to finish, I'd say it took about 45 minutes. The recipe (Bakerella's version, not Kraft's version) is super easy.

Based on a conversation I had with Katie after she made them yesterday, I made a couple of modifications to the process. Katie suggested that I chill the truffles before dipping. I didn't do it with the first half (the white half), but I did with the second half (the green ones), and I could definitely see a difference in how the bark set up.

Here's a picture of my creation, with the recipe and my modifications to follow.
White Oreo Truffles - Regular Oreo Flavor. Green Oreo Truffles - Mint Oreo Flavor.

Oreo Truffles

1 package Oreo cookies (divided)
1 8oz. package Regular Cream Cheese (softened)
Chocolate Bark, White or Chocolate flavored

1. Open package of Oreo cookies and reserve 7 from the package. With your food processor, finely crush remaining cookies.

2. Mix softened cream cheese with the crushed cookies.
2a. If flavoring truffles to be minty, add a few drops of peppermint extract in this step.

3. Roll the mixture into 1" balls and place on a plate.

4. Get out a cookie sheet and cover with parchment paper. This is important. If you don't use parchment paper (or wax paper) your truffles will stick to the cookie sheet and not come off easily.

5. Crush the 7 reserved Oreos, if you desire, so you can use them to dust the tops of the truffles. I crushed all seven of mine and used about the equivilent of 1 Oreo on 16 truffles. If I were doing it again, I'd crush two and give the rest to Dan to eat. :-)

6. Melt bark as directed on the packaging and then dip balls into chocolate bark. I used a fork and a spoon to accomplish this step. I rolled the balls in the melted bark, let the excess drip through the tines of the fork and used the spoon to transfer to the cookie sheet.
6a. If you are adding color to the white chocolate bark, this is the time to do it. For the mint Oreo truffles I also added a little bit of peppermint extract.

7. Refrigerate any leftovers. (You want to do this because of the cream cheese in the truffle.)

Makes about 36 truffles.

I made these to take to my Thursday night Bible study. I'll let you know how they were received.


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