Friday, December 19, 2008

Love Thursday - My Thursdays...

I read the blog of a woman named Angie Smith. She calls her readers her "Sundays" and she leans on them for prayer and support. Ever since she started calling her readers "Sundays", I have referred to my own group of friends that I turn to for prayer and support my "Thursdays". Ironically enough, they have no idea that I do this, or they didn't until now. :-)

So this edition of Love Thursday arrives a day late, because I didn't get the picture below until 5 minutes ago. In my life, Love is having the group of amazing women below (minus one who was on a cruise) to surround me with love, prayer, friendship, accountability, and support. For this and much, much more, I am so thankful...and so loved.

Presenting...My Thursdays
L-R (Top) Anne, Maggie, Tiffany
L-R (Bottom) Shannon, Maruxa, Kim
Missing - Loni

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