Tuesday, March 11, 2008


No, you don't need to adjust your computer's color settings. The milk really is green. Dan asked for it. Seriously.

I spent the evening working on dinner for my Bible study tomorrow night. (We're having Chicken & Black Bean Enchiladas.) I thought I'd bring a little dessert, and decided to deviate from my normal dessert of Lemon Bars. I made sugar cookies, from scratch! An old MacDonald family recipe to be precise. After they were baked and cooled I did a little looking around on the Internet and found a recipe for icing. Very basic, and pretty tasty. Being that St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, I added green food coloring to my icing. I frosted said cookies and even shared a couple with Dan.

Because he's a garbage disposal when it comes to sweets, he asked me if he could have the rest of the icing. Uhm...no. I wouldn't let him have it. There must be a quarter of a cup of icing left. Pure butter and powdered sugar. You might say that I'm a mean wife, but really I just want him to outlive me. So we compromised. Green milk. :-)

If you're familiar with the book "If You Give A Moose A Muffin", you'll be able to appreciate what transpired after adding the green food coloring to the milk. We then had to add a little peppermint extract to make it minty. I mean, it was green after all! But now that the milk is all pepperminty tasting, we had to add a little sugar to sweeten it back up. We did stop there, but not before discussing bringing out the ice cream maker and making some green peppermint ice cream. Dan decided we didn't need to do that because we've got Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in the freezer. Don't need TOO many sweets around here! ;-)

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