Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love Thursday...

I don't know where the idea of Love Thursday originated, but I am happy to continue the idea of it in our own family blog. So what do I share as part of the MacDonald family's initiation into Love Thursday? Why, a picture of course!

What is love? For me, love is looking at the utter and complete joy in Nicholas' face. Yes, Nicholas is the one on the right with the big ol' goofy grin. While both of our children are amazingly cute, and absolutely wonderful, it is often difficult to catch Nicholas with a smile. That's because as soon as Nicholas sees a camera, he immediately dives for it, no matter where he is in the room.

Love is also knowing that the day this picture was taken, it was our first outing to the park as a family of four. We dressed the boys up, got the diaper bag loaded, everyone fed and changed, and right before we left we snapped this shot. We went on to the park and had a great time.

Love is spending time together as a family. And love is two sweet boys in complementary outfits! ;-)


Geoff said...

That is such a GREAT smile.

Miss you,

the Knights said...

TWO cuties ~ "too" cute :)

Shana said...

Such cute pics! We are so happy for you guys and love seeing Nicholas and Matthew grow.

-Shana, Kevin, and Haley
password: giroux5

anne girl said...

Love is mommyhood :-) I am so glad God blessed you with Nicholas and Matthew!