Thursday, September 3, 2009

Picture Time!

I know some people come to read our family blog just to see pictures. And after more ultrasounds than I can count for this baby, we finally have a half way decent picture to share. :-) Unfortunately the scanner is attached to a server that isn't working right now, so the best I can offer is a photograph of our latest ultrasound. But that's better than nothing, right?

This little one moved around so much today (a complete opposite of the last appointment, where s/he was sleeping) that our tech had a hard time getting any pictures. We were thankful she was able to get most of the measurements done, and happy she was able to capture even this picture. This baby likes to turn over and lay on its belly, with only its back showing. Silly baby.

One day I'll post a little more about this pregnancy, and what we are doing for prenatal care. You won't believe it.

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Laura Peddie-Bravo, LMHC, NCC said...

HEY! Thank you thank you for posting this pic!!!!! We'll keep praying for you & this little guy. Much love, Laura