Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hug Mickey. No Hug Mickey

"Hug Mickey." - Nicholas
"No hug Mickey." - Matthew

These are the sentences I hear all day, every day.

Last week the boys and I drove out to meet Dan after he attended a conference on Disney property. The boys had literally been begging to go see Mickey the entire day. I promise you, there was no prompting on my part!! At nap time I told them if they took good naps we would go see Mickey (and Donald Duck!). They did, so off we went.

We waited about 30 minutes to see Mickey, and we a bonus character to say hi to because Minnie was there, too!
Nicholas - Left, Matthew - Right

Along with waiting in line to see Mickey and Minnie, we rode the train, Winnie The Pooh, the carosel, and Dumbo. We grabbed dinner just as the fireworks started, and we got to see bits and pieces of the show. After fireworks we changed the boys into their pajamas, gave them cups of milk and by the time we hit the exit of the park, they were fast asleep. We had a great time. Looking forward to our next adventure at Disney...hopefully Friday afternoon/evening.


Lorie said...

I know Geoff pretty much hates Disney but I would love to live so close! How fun!

Aimee's Cabins said...

Love the new picture!! Too cute!