Monday, July 7, 2008

Airport Food...

Since the topic of the month is food, I feel it only appropriate to write a bit about what I had for dinner in the Newark airport last night.

Last night I was dropped off at the airport after a quick weekend trip to visit my dear friend Jenn and her amazing husband Daniel. I elected not to pack a snack to take, knowing I would be at the airport two hours before my flight and would have the opportunity to get something there. Plane travel and me eating don't usually work well, hence the reason I said no. Although my flight wasn't leaving until 8:50pm and I would be arriving quite late (Midnight), I had planned to just deal with being hungry, should that happen. That is, until I saw that my flight had been delayed by 40 minutes. And then delayed again by another 33 minutes, putting me at a projected departure time of 10:03pm.

It was then that I began scouring the airport for a little dinner. Now, for some perspective on the time, keep in mind that it's 6:45pm, which gave me plenty of time to eat and digest my dinner so as not to have an upset stomach on the way home. I passed a Caio Bella, which was seriously calling my name. Boy did the gelato look good. But I ignored the cries from the stand (and my tummy) and looked for something more substantial. I looked and looked. And looked some more. The airport had your standard fare. Starbucks. Miami Subs. Manchu Wok. McDonald's. Nathan's Hot Dogs. The Grove. It even had two different diners. Nothing, and I mean nothing, sounded appealing.

I had given up hope of finding something appealing, and then I spotted the Ben & Jerry's. I jumped in line thinking that if nothing else, I can get a smoothie. So I waited. It seemed like forever that I stood there in line, watching everyone drool over the Phish Food and the Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch. Eventually I gave up the wait and settled on McDonald's. Shocked? Yes, so was I. I haven't liked (or even eaten at) a McDonald's since I was 4 years old and they tricked me by putting minced up onion on my burger and letting me think it was rice! But I remembered their trickery and ordered my cheeseburger with no onion. I also got the smalled fry and drink possible. (In retrospect, I could have ordered a kid's meal for less money and I would have gotten a prize!)

It wasn't the worst meal I've ever eaten, although I did only eat 3/4 of the burger and 2/3 of the fries. Based on some of the food coming out of other restaurants (Ben & Jerry's and Caio Bella excluded) it wasn't even the worst looking food. It probably wasn't even the worst for me food. And when my flight finally took off (at 11:30pm!!!!), I was definitely glad I decided to bite the bullet and try Mickey D's again. After all, who wants to eat dinner at 2:30am, when their flight finally arrives at their destination? Not me!

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