Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A peek inside

One of the coolest things about seeing the high risk doctor (2x a week!) is getting to have 4-D ultrasounds at no additional cost. Our sonographers have been trying for weeks to get a shot of the face of our baby, with no luck. We have good ones of the boys parts, a few pictures of the top of his head, and even a 4-D image of his foot from last week. But today, we got lucky! Baby No-Name graced us with a quick shot of his face. No, not his whole face, and yes, there is a hand and a leg in the way...but we didn't care! Take a look for yourself.

31 weeks, 4 days
38 days until full term
59 days until my due date

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Keith and Jamie said...

All of God's grace in this precious little face!!!! I am so proud for you and your family! His name will be beautiful... whatever it is!